Class 11 Operating System Question Paper 2079 - 2022

Municipality Examination

Operating System - Grade XI
Examination - 2079 (2022)
Regular Students
Time - 2 hrs
Full Marks - 50
Pass Marks - 18

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.
Group-A Choose the best alternatives. [1x9=9] 1) What is an operating system?
a) Interface between the hardware and application programs
b) Collection of programs that manages hardware resources
c) System service provider to the application programs d) All of the mentioned 2) Which of the following is a single-user single-tasking operating system? a) Windows
b) MAC
d) Linux
3) CPU scheduling is the basis of........... a) Multiprogramming operating system b) Large memory-sized systems
c) multiprocessor systems d) None of the mentioned

4) Which of the following statement is correct about fragmentation: a) It is software that connects OS
b) It is part of the software
c) Loss the memory
d)All of the these 5) The process is swapped out of memory and is later swapped into memory, by the......... a) Long-time schedular b) short-term scheduler
c) medium-term scheduler
d) none of the above
6) Which is the fastest memory? a) RAM b) register
c) cache d) ROM 7) What is the core of the Linux operating system?
a) Terminal
b) kernel
c) command d) none of above

8) File can be represented by........
a) file name b) file extension
c) file identifier d) none of the mentioned 9) Which of the following is a condition that causes deadlock? a) Mutual exclusion
b) Hold and wait
c) circular wait
d) All of above Group-B Give short answers to the following questions. [5x5=25] 10) Differentiate between preemptive and non-preemptive scheduling.

11) Define virtual memory. Describe the virtual memory management technique. 12) Define deadlock. Explain methods for handling deadlock.

13) Describe contiguous and indexed file allocation methods. 14) Differentiate between Windows and Linux operating systems.
Group-C Give long answers to the following questions. [8x2=16 15) Define the operating system? Describe any six functions of the operating system in detail.[2+6]
16) Define the process. Describe the process life cycle with a suitable process state diagram.[2+6]

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Class 11 Operating System Question Paper 2079 - 2022

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